50 Years of Service

Come celebrate with us as we commemorate 50 years in ministry. God has been so faithful to our ministry over the years. You can expect to walk down memory lane and reconnect with staff, family and friends. We are pulling out all the stops to make this a memorable weekend. We will also unveil a new logo and strategic direction that
will be true to our history yet relevant for generations to come.

What does home mean to you?

Obviously, home means something different for each of us based onour experiences. I have come to the realization over my years thathome is more than a shelter for my family and our belongings. Homeis not defined by a structure but by the quality of the relationshipsliving in that structure.

Home is a place where we do life together.One of the first things I learned about Monadnock Bible Conferencewas the phrase that exemplifies the heart and soul of the camp,“Welcome Home.” It’s a phrase we take very seriously. Why?Because it’s a part of our spiritual DNA.

I asked people what “Welcome Home” means to them. This is whatthey shared:

  • It’s where I am accepted and loved.
  • It’s where I found Christ and was adopted into His family.
  • It’s where broken people feel welcomed and cared for.
  • It’s where I know I am always welcomed.

We recently received a letter from a woman describing the impactthat Christ has had on her life through Monadnock and this sense ofhome. She writes, “How many tears of mine have stained the floorof Williams Hall? How many joyous moments of laughter havelingered in the rafters? I love MBC and no matter where I go,MBC will ALWAYS be HOME!”